You Can Help – Here’s How

Want to help? It’s easy and here are some suggestions.

  • Host a WarmToes Pancake Sockfest. Our crew comes in and makes a delicious pancake breakfast right in your workplace while you collect new socks from hungry coworkers. Pancakes for socks. It’s that easy. We bring all the supplies needed you just have to let everyone know when, why, and what to do. We’ll even make you some posters to hang around the office. Have your Social Committee contact us and let’s make it happen.
  • Socks for Sundaes. A great Friday summer afternoon idea. Our crew comes in and makes ice cream sundaes for your office in trade for socks. We bring the supplies, you bring the socks. Boost your office’s moral and sugar levels at the same time with a cool treat served by our eager volunteers.
  • Potlucks! Everyone hosts potlucks at work so why not go that extra step and help your community with a WarmToes potluck (here’s an example of a very successful one). People bring in food and a few pairs of socks to participate, good food and good deeds at the same time. And for those people who hate to bring food for potlucks (Barry, in accounting, for example) they can bring in extra socks and be part of the group.
  • Sock admission. Any event can be used to encourage people to bring socks for WarmToes. We have had people ask attendees for socks for birthdays, for dinner parties, Christmas parties, dances, and more!
  • Event photography. WarmToes has even come in to businesses and done photo shoots for them, such as Christmas portraits, and can do the same for your work.
  • Donate socks yourself! If you see a great sale on socks pick up some pairs and we’ll make sure they find their way to people who need it the most.
  • Services. Maybe your company has some services that could help us. Printing, email lists, social responsibility funds, let us know what you have available and we’ll put it to good use in the community.

Everyone has a part to play…

Obviously donations help out our efforts (100% of donations go directly to purchasing socks):

But what we really need are socks and your participation in the community.

Wool and needles – we have some volunteers lined up who will make extra warm, extra special, hand made socks but need the materials to do so.

More than warm toes! While WarmToes for Winnipeg focuses on socks, warm clothes in good repair are always in demand from the people we have met and will meet. We could find a home for any warm, gently used clothing you’d like to get rid of, directly to people who would really appreciate the gifts.

Looking for ways to help in your community? Have coffee with our clients at community centres and hand out some socks! Email us and we’ll tell you about what this entails, mostly its just being a very nice person and listening to people, but it’s the most valuable way to let someone know Winnipeg cares.