The Thanksgiving Challenge

turkey socksAs Thanksgiving approaches we want to wish you all the warmth of the season and the comfort of your families. And to possible think of those who do not. Like previous years our small family is planning to box groceries at Winnipeg Harvest – a chance to directly help others.

And as you come together this weekend we challenge you to ask your network of family and friends to bring socks for Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll come get them and make sure they find deserving toes to warm up this winter. A small gift of love and thanks for those heading into winter who may not have the comforts of home or the warmth of family.

ThanksSockGiving. That’s probably the worst marketing slogan ever. What we do have is the text for the email of facebook chat to help you ask for help from your guest.


We are overjoyed that you can make it for Thanksgiving and are looking forward to your company.

This year, we are doing something a little different to help people, we are asking our guests to bring some new socks that we will be donating to WarmToes. WarmToes has provided over 10,000 pairs of socks in the last five years to people in need at shelters, drop in centres, and on the street. Thanksgiving is about appreciating family and the comforts we have – a perfect time for us  to support those who have neither. Socks may not seem like much, but they are a gift that says we care.

Thank you,



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