Pizza and Socks – giving twice over

Earlier in the year, the University of Winnipeg PACE program held a potluck for WarmToes but the giving didn’t end there. They donated a pizza lunch donated by Pizza Pizza to WarmToes to use at our next event. So in the same spirit in which we received the big lunch we forwarded it onto St Matthew’s to have a Pizza and Socks lunch that happened on April 1st. Enough pizza was provided for over 100 people and, of course, socks for all.


Our crew of young volunteers came out and served up some hot pizza and manned the door to hand out socks to everyone. We love these kind of events because they show our kids the power of giving in helping warm people’s hearts as well as their toes.

Thanks to the your family, especially Aurora, for April Fools Day Pizza. WarmToes shared a prize she had won with the drop in guests: pizza for 100 people from Pizza Pizza. There was enough leftover for lunch on Monday. Aurora and her brother and sister also handed out Warm Toes socks to everyone. Warming feet, tummies and hearts. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

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