A Great Start to a Great Week

For all the mothers out there – you will enjoy this.  Treasure those who look to you as the woman they admire most.  To your children, you are the image of what a loving woman is and someone they know they can be themselves with.

This week, Aurora and I were able to get supplies together to surprise the women at our local drop-in with manicures.  It was so exciting to see them pick out colours.  Some even admitted it had been years since they spoiled themselves with polish.  It was wonderful to see all the smiles and to see the woman acknowledging how great it was to be a “girlie girl” and a mom.

Our kids were also able to thank a lot of generous supporters with a surprise sundae party.  Julian loved liking the spoon and Aurora heaped on the toppings.  Way to go TPI for all your great support!

With a day off school

It is exciting when the school announces an in-service day – our kids always try to plan fun things to do.

Today Aurora suggested we help single moms have a break when their kids were out of school.  So this morning we held a playgroup at a local church so the moms could visit and have coffee.

It was so much fun that we will do this again!

I am proud to say that all the kids were able to take home new socks to wear this spring.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


This week is a great reminder of the newness of spring, new life and fresh starts.  I know the women and men I have been getting to know have seen the hope in starting over.

It has been a great joy to meet with people and build friendships that will offer support for those in need to make a few changes in their lives to live the life they want

Positive steps forward are happening and we are looking forward to seeing good things happen

Get involved in your community and see what you can do!

Happy Easter!

Talk is cheap.

I’m a little sad today. Maybe sad isn’t the best word but it’s the first that comes to mind.

When we started this up I had over 100 people comment and tell me what a great idea it was and how much they loved it. But so far, only a handful have stepped up with more than talk. To those people I say well done and thank you. You are the people who will make a difference in this world. Everyone talks, most people do far too much of it, and don’t listen or observe or participate, but if you want to make a difference in this world, then get involved, it’s time to do something.

Everyone can have a role in the community, decide what yours will be.

We know WarmToes is a good idea, so we’re following through with it.We’re 15% of the way to our goal for this year and have helped some incredible people along the way.

What are you doing besides talking?

Living Well

This week I met a lady who was concerned about becoming homeless – She has trouble keeping her mind positive and is anxious.  As we spoke, we both realized that living well and doing your best every day is so important to true happiness and meaning in life.  Recently, I lost a family friend who was like a little sister growing up – she was kind and always there for people.  We miss and think of her daily.  This experience has been painful but it is a wake up call to get involved in our lives, not to be too busy to care.  It is in the caring for others and letting them know how significant they are that we find joy.  Aurora and I discovered that if you want to be happy make others happy.  Get involved in your community and show others you care

A Great Source of Socks

WarmToes has found a local Manitoba store that is willing to give us warm socks for 80 cents a pair. They are good quality (50% wool and 50% cotton) and will be suitable for men and women up to -20c. This week we were able to purchase 120 pairs and will be busy giving them away. Warm Toes is still looking for quality socks for children as there are some living in homeless shelters as well. Over the summer and early fall we are going to raise money for wool work socks which are $2 a pair to prepare for the cold winter weather. Check out the website often to see how you can get involved.
120 pairs of socks!

A wake up call

This last week I went to volunteer as usual and I saw a man who was digging through a large garbage bin to find clothes and pieces of food. I couldn’t help but sit frozen in my car and realize that this man needed my help. All I had to offer was some orange juice but the look of love and appreciation is still in the front of my mind. This is another sign that even something small as a drink can bridge a friendship. I look forward to seeing my new friend and talking more about his life.

A Warm Place to Gather

Exciting things are happening in the basement of St Matthew’s Anglican Church. Many non-profits groups share the lounges, dining hall, kitchens and multi-purpose rooms to create a welcoming and friendly community space. I experienced this warm space – both physically and personally – as a met local people in need of food, shelter, guidance and support. As little as these individuals had, they still had hope and a sense of togetherness. They spoke of their families, raising kids, getting older and wiser, creating things with their hands and how life circumstances have put them at a disadvantage. As I listened and shared with them, I began to see how each person depended on the next. Together they were stronger and able to do more. There were some who are not interested yet in building community. But I know they will come around and the positive spirit of the staff, volunteers and clients is good for them. I can’t wait to see them again and begin to build more friendships of support and understanding.

Family & Friends start to come through.

I want to send a thank you out to two member of my family who generously donated size-able cash to the WarmToes work that we are doing. Thanks Sister Phyl, thanks brother Ron. We’ll let you what we do with the cash, it will go a long way to our goal. It was unexpected.

You can help out too, see that donation button on the right side, it works people, it works.

Oh, and thank you Nancy R. for pointing out some other sources of sock manufacturers. I’ve been in contact with a few of them. If we can shave a few points of the price of a pair, that means we can get more for less. A great deal for us as it means more socks. I’d love to buy Canadian, hint, hint, Stanfields, but if we can buy 350 socks for the same price and quality as 200, we’re going for it. Turns out lots of people could do with a nice pair of socks.

Aurora meets people in need

I was very proud and humbled by the kindness and comfortable nature of my five year old daughter. On Friday March 4th with the day off school she decided to spend the afternoon visiting with people at the local community food bank. It did not take long for her to befriend 2 ladies and 3 men. She chatted, laughed and shared stories. We were able to hand out three pairs of wool socks to the men at our table and hear stories of how life events have impacted them. Aurora and I expressed that Winnipeg cares about them and we are glad they are apart of our community because together we are stronger. I learned many things through this experience and have made some new friendships and even received a cycling book as a thank you. We have purchases another 12 pairs of socks and look forward to handing them out next week.

On my way home I purchased supplies for some upcoming fundraising pancake breakfasts. We are looking for workplaces that would host a breakfast to raise money for socks. If interested please contact us.