The Thanksgiving Challenge

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turkey socksAs Thanksgiving approaches we want to wish you all the warmth of the season and the comfort of your families. And to possible think of those who do not. Like previous years our small family is planning to box groceries at Winnipeg Harvest – a chance to directly help others.

And as you come together this weekend we challenge you to ask your network of family and friends to bring socks for Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll come get them and make sure they find deserving toes to warm up this winter. A small gift of love and thanks for those heading into winter who may not have the comforts of home or the warmth of family.

ThanksSockGiving. That’s probably the worst marketing slogan ever. What we do have is the text for the email of facebook chat to help you ask for help from your guest.


We are overjoyed that you can make it for Thanksgiving and are looking forward to your company.

This year, we are doing something a little different to help people, we are asking our guests to bring some new socks that we will be donating to WarmToes. WarmToes has provided over 10,000 pairs of socks in the last five years to people in need at shelters, drop in centres, and on the street. Thanksgiving is about appreciating family and the comforts we have – a perfect time for us  to support those who have neither. Socks may not seem like much, but they are a gift that says we care.

Thank you,



Comedic Memorabilia for Sock Donation

Thanks to quick thinking and a generous heart by one of our greatest supporters we have a very special piece of comedic memorabilia up for a sock auction. Tom Green is in town and signed one of his special brews for a long time supporter of WarmToes. So head on over to our facebook page for additional details and place a sock bid, how many pairs of socks you will donate, to win yourself some comedy gold!

A striking difference!

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clothing donations for homeless - Classic Bowl Logo

Classic Bowl from Mississauga is Canada’s largest bowling facility, 60 lanes, and is helping WarmToes! All winter long they are giving a free pair of socks with a shoe rental and are asking their clients to donate them to the #boxofsocks. Ed Sousa,

Ed Sousa, the general manager of Classic Bowl, approached us through a mutual friend, Academy Lanes in Winnipeg. Classic Bowl believes in giving back to the community and has forged many partnerships with charitable causes. 

socks and bowling clothing drive.We are lucky to have Ed in our corner and in our lane. Thank you very much, Classic Bowl, and we look forward to seeing a big box of socks soon for our Toronto people to hand out. They anticipate lots of socks this year for us, so a road trip may be in order to go pick them up, if so, we’ll keep you posted on twitter @wamtoesYWG.


“Not Afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty” Award for Aurora

Winnipeg Awards Night

On July 5th, Aurora was the recipient of the “Not Afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty” award. She was nominated by Caryn Douglas of St. Matthew’s Ministry who recognized her participation in the community and ongoing work with as having a positive and motivational impact in the community. The Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba held it’s 10th annual Gala Awards night to honour women of Manitoba, Aurora and five other ladies, with speeches and presentations of the award. Aurora gets to bring home for a year a wonderful quilt with names of all of the previous recipients and hers was added to the quilt for 2016.

Our family was in attendance and so were both of Aurora’s grandmother’s who have both been strong supporters of Aurora and WarmToes.

Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba 2016 Gala Event
Caryn, Aurora, and Julian sharing a moment.
Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba 2016 Gala Event
Award Recipients plus MP Dr. Robbie Falcon-Oulette



Sun and Strawberries

Wednesday, Mom, Ella and I went strawberry picking with St. Matthews. We were in charge of the outing, and we went to Cormier’s berry patch on a bus. When we got there, most of us ate a sandwich, and then we went berry picking. The weather was perfect, and the strawberries were delicious. Okay, I’ll admit it, I ate like 20 thousand. But that’s nothing compared to Ella.  She ate like 20 million! She was dripping with strawberry juice. Her mouth, her shorts, and her legs. And her shirt! Completely covered! One of the little girls on the outing ran through the strawberry plants. I guess the Cormier berry patch will have lots of jam. Now, we’re back home making smoothies and tarts. We’ll have strawberries for days to come!

Pizza and Socks – giving twice over

Earlier in the year, the University of Winnipeg PACE program held a potluck for WarmToes but the giving didn’t end there. They donated a pizza lunch donated by Pizza Pizza to WarmToes to use at our next event. So in the same spirit in which we received the big lunch we forwarded it onto St Matthew’s to have a Pizza and Socks lunch that happened on April 1st. Enough pizza was provided for over 100 people and, of course, socks for all.


Our crew of young volunteers came out and served up some hot pizza and manned the door to hand out socks to everyone. We love these kind of events because they show our kids the power of giving in helping warm people’s hearts as well as their toes.

Thanks to the your family, especially Aurora, for April Fools Day Pizza. WarmToes shared a prize she had won with the drop in guests: pizza for 100 people from Pizza Pizza. There was enough leftover for lunch on Monday. Aurora and her brother and sister also handed out Warm Toes socks to everyone. Warming feet, tummies and hearts. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

What we did this week with WarmToes

Orioles community centre

Hi, my name is Julian and what I did this week was I gave 32 pairs of kids socks to Orioles community centre. I also got to play with all the kids. My mom packed grocery’s, made sandwiches and handed out 79 pairs of adult socks. Later we went to Winnipeg harvest to help, but Aurora will talk about that.

UofW SockFest Potluck Round 2

charity warm toes clothes homeless donations

It seems just like yesterday that the UofW PACE program was holding a potluck to raise socks for WarmToes and here we are again, almost a year later, getting invited back and we couldn’t be happier. We love the people, the warm hearts, the food, and the generosity of the students at PACE.

For us, it’s a chance to meet some of the greatest supporters we have and to thank them personally. So we invite you all to come out and support our little charity initiative, have an incredible meal (partially provided by you), and meet some of the most wonderful people Winnipeg has to offer. And bring some socks so we can continue to warm hearts by warming toes.

Tuesday February 16th, Noon, Buhler building, room 2BC55.

Potluck to raise clothes for homeless

École St. Norbert and the Story of Lily

how elementary school kids can help their community

The best part of WarmToes is that other people step up and help us out. That, that warms our hearts to know that other people want to help their community.

LillyAnd when Lily of École St. Norbert reached out to her teacher and wanted to help us in December, well, that just about melted our hearts. More than that, they invited us in to give a presentation for the entire school about WarmToes and giving back to the community. This is a perfect example of how elementary school kids can help and be a part of their community too.

Lori Davis, her teacher, knows that the power of small is incredible and together the class and school raised over 300 pairs of socks for WarmToes. I know my kids were pretty jazzed to be the center of a school assembly and I was very excited to meet this wonderful little girl who we expect will be doing great things for her community for many years to come.

From WarmToes, thank you Lori and Lily, for thinking of others.

(UPDATE: The book Lilly and the Paperman played a large part in the beginning of WarmToes, coincidence? Have we found the real Lily the book was based on?)

Glenlawn Collegiate – Involving Youth In Community

school kids donating time and socks to help the homeless

Kids helping the homeless of Winnipeg

Giving and high school student project clubWarmToes received an email recently from Tanis Clayton, a teacher at Glenlawn Collegiate, who was wanting to connect her students with a charity that they could support through their club’s activities. The Interact Club, a school club, has the purpose of helping a local charity and international charity each year and involving students in their community. With guidance from the local Rotary Club liason, Ed Balcewich, they reach out, become involved, and make a difference.



After a brief meeting with the club members, Hannah Barre (president of Interact Club – Youth Rotary), Tanis Clayton (teacher rep) and Allie Hassin (Vice-Principal), we all decided WarmToes would be a perfect fit for their efforts. So they decorated a sock tree and hung their socks with care in their windows to get the word out. Follow their efforts on twitter at @gciLRSD and at @warmtoesYWG.

school kids donating time and socks to help the homeless

The Kickoff Event

The first event, on December 16th, at the Explosion of Awesomeness assembly in Glenlawn’s gym, students and staff (numbering more than 1300 people!) will gather together to hear of the plethora of leadership and extracurricular opportunities available at GCI.

As their other events come up we’ll let you know the details, but for now, here’s their first informational poster and a big thank you from WarmToes for letting us be involved with such a great bunch of Winnipeg youth.

High school students get involved in a clothing for homeless project