Mount Carmel Clinic gets a mountain of socks

Mount Carmel Clinic in Winnipeg provides essential family health care services in the downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood, including foot care services. Through a chance meeting with Jodi Moskal (a board member of the MCC Foundation) WarmToes was told of how they help people with diabetes foot care and that socks are always in demand. WarmToes stepped up and delivered a box of over 400 pairs of (Classic Bowl) socks for their use.  Mount Carmel Clinic is part of the community and they get to know the people who live there and the kinds of things that are important to them. Talking is what helps them develop the right services to support families as they work toward their goals.

WarmToes couldn’t be happier to support such a great community service.

Foot care street diabetes
Lonnie, Nursing Team Leader (l) and a big box of WarmToes socks.

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