Glenlawn Collegiate – Involving Youth In Community

Kids helping the homeless of Winnipeg

Giving and high school student project clubWarmToes received an email recently from Tanis Clayton, a teacher at Glenlawn Collegiate, who was wanting to connect her students with a charity that they could support through their club’s activities. The Interact Club, a school club, has the purpose of helping a local charity and international charity each year and involving students in their community. With guidance from the local Rotary Club liason, Ed Balcewich, they reach out, become involved, and make a difference.



After a brief meeting with the club members, Hannah Barre (president of Interact Club – Youth Rotary), Tanis Clayton (teacher rep) and Allie Hassin (Vice-Principal), we all decided WarmToes would be a perfect fit for their efforts. So they decorated a sock tree and hung their socks with care in their windows to get the word out. Follow their efforts on twitter at @gciLRSD and at @warmtoesYWG.

school kids donating time and socks to help the homeless

The Kickoff Event

The first event, on December 16th, at the Explosion of Awesomeness assembly in Glenlawn’s gym, students and staff (numbering more than 1300 people!) will gather together to hear of the plethora of leadership and extracurricular opportunities available at GCI.

As their other events come up we’ll let you know the details, but for now, here’s their first informational poster and a big thank you from WarmToes for letting us be involved with such a great bunch of Winnipeg youth.

High school students get involved in a clothing for homeless project



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