École St. Norbert and the Story of Lily

The best part of WarmToes is that other people step up and help us out. That, that warms our hearts to know that other people want to help their community.

LillyAnd when Lily of École St. Norbert reached out to her teacher and wanted to help us in December, well, that just about melted our hearts. More than that, they invited us in to give a presentation for the entire school about WarmToes and giving back to the community. This is a perfect example of how elementary school kids can help and be a part of their community too.

Lori Davis, her teacher, knows that the power of small is incredible and together the class and school raised over 300 pairs of socks for WarmToes. I know my kids were pretty jazzed to be the center of a school assembly and I was very excited to meet this wonderful little girl who we expect will be doing great things for her community for many years to come.

From WarmToes, thank you Lori and Lily, for thinking of others.

(UPDATE: The book Lilly and the Paperman played a large part in the beginning of WarmToes, coincidence? Have we found the real Lily the book was based on?)

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