Classic Bowl continues its Support

We’ve just received another FIVE boxes of socks from Classic Bowl in Mississauga. Ed Sousa, General Manager, continues to support the community with his partnership activities with community organizations. Through his initiative of socks with shoes and collecting them from patrons, he’s donated thousands of socks to WarmToes which see us distribute them to outreach organizations all over Toronto, Mississauga, and throughout Manitoba.

Distribution is a key component to getting these socks onto the feet of people in need so we rely upon the generosity of to ship these boxes to us. From there, we sort, wash, package and distribute them to organizations we know. These organizations then distribute them to their clients on an as needed basis one-on-one. The distribution chain to get socks from Classic Bowl onto deserving feet isn’t always smooth, but we’re working on it!

Delivered to our doorstep yesterday were over 1500 pairs of socks. It is time for WarmToes to do its thing and to get these onto the toes of people. Now it’s your time to support incredible people like David Boning and Ed Sousa who know the value of community support.

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