Awesome People

We get a lot of encouragement from many people as the years have gone by and it’s high time we put a little effort into personally thanking them. WarmToes wouldn’t have been able to do what it has without the awesome support from these people over the years.

  • Priscilla Razuk, Danielle Keenan, Erin Moorley, Marilyn Camaclang, Mercy-Anne Guevarra, Shannon Vermette, Nivin Elhussiny, Breno Costa, Carol Lindsey, Milanyila Vargas, Carolyn Pogorzelec, Nicole LeClair, Amanda Fandych, Arpita Goala, Saman Siddiqui, Amanda Pochinco, Sarv Tejpaul, Urvashi Mahudawala and Lea Gonzalez
  • Jillian Taylor for the TV spot when we had first started.
  • Dahlia Kurtz of CJOB – thanks for interviewing our family – you’re an inspiration to everyone.
  • Martine Bordeleau of ICI Radio Canada – for our first radio interview, en Francais too! With a tip of the hat to Dan Gervais for getting that ball rolling. Merci.
  • Carla Neilles of Home Run Sports – our first really big sock donation came from this wonderful lady followed by many more and much support along the way.
  • Ron Salm & Kelly Burton – who have always been there for us, in big and small ways.
  • Grandma Barb McNish and Grandma Fay Robertson.
  • David Wass and his pups.
  • Tim Phelan and Kristin Sidoryk of Number 10 Architecture.
  • Sheila Henson-Lamirande and Judith Preet Downey of TPI for getting us going.
  • Pam Robertson for hosting an awesome breakfast.
  • Mekala Wickramasinghe and the UofW Pace Staff.
  • Heather Plett, a PR instructor who used her power for good.
  • Academy Lanes and Nathan Hogg in particular. Great people there.
  • Darlene Korzinski for our cards and stickers.
  • Dean Reigel for our banner.
  • Lori Davis and Lily from École St. Norbert Immersion.
  • Caryn of St. Matthew’s for making us feel welcome every time we go to St. Matthew’s!
  • Pete Tatham and Ed Belitski,
  • Ed Sousa of Classic Bowl,
  • Scott Barkman of Big Bark Graphics,
  • David Boning of Canada’s Print King for his giant heart and stickers.

Obviously, there’s been many more and this list will grow as we go along.