This Winter is sooo cold.

I was struck last week with idea that I am freezing as the temperature as been in the mid -25c for the most of the winter but I have a house and a heated car.  What about those who have to walk when the wind bites their skin and have no place to escape to.  In our everyday lives we need to look for ways to lessen their burden.  Aurora, my daughter and I have handed out more than 800 pairs of socks since winter set in around mid November.  We have been able to put together food kits to feed families and collect warm hats and mitts to keep folks warm.  We do this as we have had people who share with us.

This week look for ways to chat with someone who might be lonely or need a sandwich bought for them.  Let’s live in community and help those around us.

A super big thanks to Carla at Home Run Sports

We want to send out a huge (that’s bigger than big) thank you to Carla of Home Run Sports for donation of socks to WarmToes for Winnipeg. How many you ask? She gave us enough socks that we won’t have to fundraise for socks all this year and we’ll still hand out thousands by the end of winter. Boxes of socks. BIG boxes.

Please, please take the time to visit her shop by clicking the logo below and support her business. It is the great and wonderful people like them, who think of others, that make Winnipeg such a great place to live.

Home Run Sports

In fact, follow them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. They have some YouTube videos, go watch them. If anyone you know is looking for sporting equipment, tell them you know this great place that believes in Winnipeg, Home Run Sports.

Thanks again Carla, you’re one of the good ones!

2529, that’s a whole lotta socks

We passed the 2500 number this week in socks donated. 2529 socks donated. 2529! That’s over 25,000 toes that are warmer because of this little charity. Wow.

While the kids and I have fund raised and bought socks, most of the credit for the number of socks we’ve donated this year goes to Robyn. Each week she volunteers in the community and takes socks with her. Without her efforts WarmToes would have a much smaller footprint in the community.

The kids helped pack up and sort the last batch that went out, here’s a picture of their proud efforts.

IMG_1899 clothes for the needy

Special Photos for WarmToes

Poodles that support the little guy.

Last year we raised money by having a Christmas photo shoot for the people at TPI. Time prevented us from doing the same this year, but a special request came in that we couldn’t say no to. Two special little puppies, that Aurora adores, wanted some portraits done – how could we say no? So Sadie and Ginger (and their owners) posed for us, Julian and Aurora were the set assistants, and a very generous donation was given to WarmToes for our efforts. A big thank you to David Wass for his generosity and support of the little guys out there.

Poodles that support the little guy.