Time for Harvest

charity giving donating

It’s Harvest time! Corn and wheat and pumpkins!

It’s also a busy time at Winnipeg Harvest. We went there today and wow, was it busy! Everyone was sorting food. I think I sorted 14 boxes. Either way, Winnipeg Harvest is always ready to harvest donations. Remember, it’s harvest time.

Escape Poverty Challenge

So, I’m a part of the Escape Poverty Challenge, created by a woman named Alisha. Every day for a week high school students do something different, like fast, don’t wear socks, or use alternate methods of transportation. Every day the high school students watch a video about the issue of the day. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the No-Socks  day video. I really hope this inspires the students to think about what’s really going on in the world, and what they can do to help.

Sun and Strawberries

Wednesday, Mom, Ella and I went strawberry picking with St. Matthews. We were in charge of the outing, and we went to Cormier’s berry patch on a bus. When we got there, most of us ate a sandwich, and then we went berry picking. The weather was perfect, and the strawberries were delicious. Okay, I’ll admit it, I ate like 20 thousand. But that’s nothing compared to Ella.  She ate like 20 million! She was dripping with strawberry juice. Her mouth, her shorts, and her legs. And her shirt! Completely covered! One of the little girls on the outing ran through the strawberry plants. I guess the Cormier berry patch will have lots of jam. Now, we’re back home making smoothies and tarts. We’ll have strawberries for days to come!

School’s out!

Now that school’s out, I have more time. Making Pomsters, (please don’t ask!), travelling, and volunteering.


On Tuesday school was out. So mom biked my brother and I over to St. Mathews and there we made kits, sorted food, and obviously brought lots of socks to hand out.

I’m going on a big trip soon so the shelters will need your help. If you find some time, give it to your local shelter. I dare you. So go. Once you’re finished, come back and tell us what you did. At the end of summer, we’ll count all the things everyone did. Go, WarmToes!

Helping Hands

Thank to everyone who supports Warmtoes! Special thanks to the marketing class at the U. of W. (Currently making a potluck for W.T.) Thank you to Kiddie Campus (news of WarmToes coordinated by Priscilla.)
Another BIG thank you to Breno, who asked for socks for his birthday (for WarmToes) instead of presents. Nivin for all her tweets and another thank you to Heather for having helping as part of her class.

Anyways, I’ve got to run. Got some big surprises for May 27, 2015!

Time for play, time for work

Community help pancakes

There is a time for play and a time for work.

When I was volunteering one day I was there longer than usual. I realized that, compared to school, this was work (fun work, though). School was really, well, play. There is all play and no work and all work and no play. There is a balance needed.

There are more important things than a fight with a friend or a bad grade. Sometimes, you just have to look a little deeper.


Helloooooo. What’s up. Warmtoes is up and running. It’s been nice in summer. School is here. Do you know that you can go to agape table and visit with people. We go to places like that and give socks to people. It is fun. You don’t need to give people things( all though it is nice) but just even visiting with them helps.

No time

I have no time!!!

But I know once school is up and running, I’ll be up and running helping Warmtoes, too.

To help Warmtoes or not to help Warmtoes. I choose to help WarmToes, and I think you should too. Bye everybody!


Busy summer

Assiniboine charity works

I haven’t been doing to much for warmtoes, I admit. I still like warmtoes. I’m not neglecting! I’ve been busy.

But each cent we raise, I treasure it like gold. My mom and dad put it somewhere and then they buy socks.

Have a good summer.