Mount Carmel Clinic gets a mountain of socks

Mount Carmel Clinic in Winnipeg provides essential family health care services in the downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood, including foot care services. Through a chance meeting with Jodi Moskal (a board member of the MCC Foundation) WarmToes was told of how they help people with diabetes foot care and that socks are always in demand. WarmToes stepped up and delivered a box of over 400 pairs of (Classic Bowl) socks for their use.  Mount Carmel Clinic is part of the community and they get to know the people who live there and the kinds of things that are important to them. Talking is what helps them develop the right services to support families as they work toward their goals.

WarmToes couldn’t be happier to support such a great community service.

Foot care street diabetes
Lonnie, Nursing Team Leader (l) and a big box of WarmToes socks.

Classic Bowl continues its Support

bowl for community classic bowl custom socks

We’ve just received another FIVE boxes of socks from Classic Bowl in Mississauga. Ed Sousa, General Manager, continues to support the community with his partnership activities with community organizations. Through his initiative of socks with shoes and collecting them from patrons, he’s donated thousands of socks to WarmToes which see us distribute them to outreach organizations all over Toronto, Mississauga, and throughout Manitoba.

Distribution is a key component to getting these socks onto the feet of people in need so we rely upon the generosity of to ship these boxes to us. From there, we sort, wash, package and distribute them to organizations we know. These organizations then distribute them to their clients on an as needed basis one-on-one. The distribution chain to get socks from Classic Bowl onto deserving feet isn’t always smooth, but we’re working on it!

Delivered to our doorstep yesterday were over 1500 pairs of socks. It is time for WarmToes to do its thing and to get these onto the toes of people. Now it’s your time to support incredible people like David Boning and Ed Sousa who know the value of community support.

Big Donation spreads Smiles across the Country

sock clothing donation helping vulnerable women

A large donation of 1300 socks from Classic Bowl will spread smiles across the country. Already a massive supplier to our Toronto operations, Classic Bowl teamed up with CanadaPrintKing to send two packages West. A box of 500 pairs of socks went to Rowan House Emergency Shelter in High River and 800 pairs came to us in Winnipeg. We’ve sorted them out, and will be heading out in early February to drop off socks at Siloam Mission, Agape Table, and St. Matthew’s.


rowan house sock donations

Barkman’s Big Sock Day Out

clothing donations homeless boxes of socks

Scott, Alyssa, and Jay of Bigbark Graphics  have taken on the challenge of being our third sock distribution team. With a large starter donation of 900 socks from Classic Bowl, these dad, daughter and son team washed, cleaned and sorted  a massive number of socks.

They divided up the socks into boxes and found some great organizations to donate to in Barrie, Ontario. Close to their home, they are doing their best to support their community.

This family team went out just before Christmas and distributed all of these socks to agencies who went on to make some one’s Christmas just a little bit warmer. Great to see another family taking on the WarmToes mantle!

Classic Bowl and our expansion to the East

Classic Bowl is Canada’s largest bowling alley with 60 lanes they may be the largest in North America. Headed up by Ed Sousa they believe in supporting community in a big way. From Ronald McDonald house, to their KnowckDown Cancer campaign, to Bo 4 Mo, they back up their commitment to community in big ways.

sock clothing donation to warmtoes
Ed Sousa, General Manager of Classic Bowl on the right.

Ed found WarmToes via our good friends at Academy Lanes and asked us if we wanted to partner up for a sock promotion this winter. Every shoe rental gets a free pair of Classic Bowl socks which they point out to customers, can be donated to WarmToes if the customer wishes to do so, via handy collection bins at their counter.

It’s been so successful it’s forced us to call in help from our new Toronto division, Peter Tatham, who has been picking up and distributing socks to many charities in the area.

bowling for charity lanes, balls bowling supplies lanes socks
Pete Tatham at Classic Bowl showing us his mad bowling skills.

Pete has identified several agencies near him and with the help of another Ed with a warm heart, Eddie Balitski, he has dropped off boxes of socks at Red Door, Good Shepard Ministries, and more.

distributing socks

Here’s a message from Cindy Shlanger,  fundraiser, donor relations, at Good Sheperd Ministries.

Thanks to Warm Toes for the socks for Good Shepherd Ministries’ homeless and disadvantaged clients.

Clean socks are a small thing that most of us take for granted. But for homeless men, they’re a little thing that means a lot. Clean socks help to keep feet healthy, and make it easier for men to walk to appointments, to find food, to survive. Clean socks mean dignity, self-respect and good health. Thank you for giving the best possible gift to those in need.

Thank you for joining Good Shepherd Ministries as we work to serve those who struggle with homelessness and poverty. Your continued support is much appreciated.

And we’ve also recruited an old friend, Scott Barkman of Big Bark Graphics and his daughter to help in Barrie. They’ll be hitting the streets and agencies soon with bundles of socks for people. He’ll be sending us stories of his efforts soon!

So far, Classic Bowl has donated over four thousand pairs of socks, and to help with shipping the socks to Winnipeg, the great people at Canada’s Print King have offered to pick up the shipping costs as well as providing graphics for the bins at Classic Bowl.

we process lots of socks to donate to charities

It’s with the support of wonderful people that WarmToes is able to get warm clothing to those who need it most. Thank you to our new partners and a huge thank you to Classic Bowl for providing the perfect game!

Time for Harvest

charity giving donating

It’s Harvest time! Corn and wheat and pumpkins!

It’s also a busy time at Winnipeg Harvest. We went there today and wow, was it busy! Everyone was sorting food. I think I sorted 14 boxes. Either way, Winnipeg Harvest is always ready to harvest donations. Remember, it’s harvest time.

Escape Poverty Challenge

So, I’m a part of the Escape Poverty Challenge, created by a woman named Alisha. Every day for a week high school students do something different, like fast, don’t wear socks, or use alternate methods of transportation. Every day the high school students watch a video about the issue of the day. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the No-Socks  day video. I really hope this inspires the students to think about what’s really going on in the world, and what they can do to help.